A reaction paper that is between 5 to 7 pages long (typed and double

Posted: July 30th, 2022

Reaction Paper



A reaction paper that is between 5 to 7 pages long (typed and double spaced) will be required as a final assessment for each section of the “Interpersonal Communication: A Goals-Based Approach. (4th Ed.) Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Canary, D.J., Cody, M.J., & Manusov, V. L. (2008) book.

For the reaction paper, you should assess the relationship you have chosen based on the content from the book. (For example when writing on Perception, examine both sides of the relationship, your perception of the person in the relationship and then what you think their perception is. Then discuss how those perceptions affect your communication together). You must choose a relationship between you and one other person, and this relationship can be a work relationship, friendship, romantic or familial relationship. Using the book; assess the relationship based on what you’ve learned. Be sure to use the vocabulary used in the book when referring to the relationship, but do not make this paper a duplicate of the text just citing vocabulary. The main focus of this paper is how you are able to apply the concepts you’ve learned from the book to your chosen relationship. The best way to approach this is to discuss it from both perspectives using the terminology from the text and to give specific examples. This paper is meant for you to see the differences and similarities in your relationships based on your communication styles. Understanding that others may communicate differently than you usually helps develop more meaningful relationships with less conflict. Choose a relationship you are interested in analyzing or perhaps strengthening.


Be sureto begin with anintroduction that describes the relationship with anybackgroundinformation. Then include an analysis ofat least8of thefollowing aspectsof communication inthe relationship:(Everychapterdoes not haveto be represented,you onlyneed tochoose 8concepts out of the15 we covered).


§  pursuingpersonalgoals

§  verbal communication

§  nonverbal communication

§  listening

§  social cognitions

§  Presentingyourself and how theotherperson inyour relationship presents themselves

§  Disclosure – howyou andyour partnerdisclose to each other and to others

§  Defendingyourself– howyouandyour partner defendyourselves to eachotherand toothers

§  Escalatingrelationships

§  Maintainingrelationships

§  De-Escalating relationships

§  ManagingConflict

§  Self and Society–Thefactors affectingindividual differences (locus of control,Machiavellian behavior,etc.)

§  FamilyandLife-SpanIssuesDiscussyour attachment styles, andanyturningpointseach ofyou mayhave had withyour families.

§  Interpersonal Communication CompetenceCriteriafor assessingcompetence(adaptability,empathy, etc.)

*Add anyotherinformation thatyou have found relevant toyour relationship afterreadingthetext.

Be sureto cite as manyas specific examples fromyourrelationship as possible to supportyourassessments. Grammarand spellingwillbe included inthe grading ofthis paper, so pleaseproofread. Also, besure to cover all of the concepts required and be thorough inyouranswers.The spacingfor this paper is to havemargins of 1inch and double spacing withthe font beingno larger than 12 points and a typical sized font such as Times New Roman.

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