Equest energy simulator software | Engineering homework help

Posted: July 30th, 2022

 Use eQUEST energy simulator software to model the building Note: As discussed in class, in multiple floor high rise-type buildings, intermediate “typical” floors are modeled as only one floor in the simulation model and a floor multiplier is applied in the model to permit the modeled typical floor to represent the true, larger, number of floors. Once you are   done with modeling, calculate (predict) and provide graphical results of the following outputs and compare your eQUEST results with the data analyzed and obtained from questions 1 to 6. ⮚ Create a baseline model ⮚ Monthly Energy Consumption (both electric and gas consumption) ⮚ Annual Energy Consumption (both electric and gas consumption) ⮚ Monthly Utility Bills, All Rates ⮚ Monthly Peak Demand ⮚ Annual Peak Demand ⮚ Monthly Peak Day Electric Load Profiles. Important Note: To be able to view Monthly Peak Day Electric Load Profiles report, you must first load the hourly reporting variables used to populate the peak day profiles on this report. This is done from the Building Description area of eQUEST’s detailed interface. Start at the Component Tree in the Project & Site module ⮚ Monthly Total Energy Consumption (Comparison Report) ⮚ Predict Annual Utility Bills by Rate (Comparison Report) ⮚ Predict Monthly Utility Bills (Comparison Report) ⮚ And finally provide an annual Energy and Demand (Parametric Report) 

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