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Posted: July 30th, 2022

Develop stock investment portfolio: Select five key stocks and determine their expected return from Presume you would invest 20% equally in these stocks and average the return. Calculate how much you would have to deposit each year until retirement to fund all of your initiatives assuming the rate of return on these equities is constant.

You’ll want to include enough information that allows you to come up with the future gains that you will receive from these five stocks and how much you will need to contribute to these stocks to reach your overall future goals based on those averaged returns.  I would probably just focus on the recent returns of these stocks so don’t feel that you need to look at multiple years of results.  If any of these stocks pay out dividends then you will definitely want to include that in your return expectations as those funds will be helpful for reaching your overall financial goals.  Unless you find stocks that are providing huge returns, it is likely that you won’t be able to fund all of your future goals just from the returns of these stocks.  However, it will help to understand how stocks can help you reach your goals, so the total returns on your stocks will provide some of those future funds needed

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