complete the assignment for this unit in no less than 500 words,

Posted: July 31st, 2022


Complete the assignment for this unit in no less than 500 words, using a paragraph format and complete sentences, refraining from using contractions and informal language. The last page of the assignment should be a reference page in APA format. You will need speakers with your computer, an Ipad, tablet, or other device which plays audio to listen to a podcast. Navigate to the [email protected] website using the link provide below. Please be sure to type compensation in the search window. Podcasts will have a microphone icon underneath the title of the podcast).and listen to any one podcast covering compensation.  After review, please provide the following information:

  • Bibliographic Information
    1. Title of Podcast
    2. Guest speaker(s) and title
    3. Date of Podcast
  • Issues Presented within the Podcast
    1. Using complete sentences, provide a summation of issues and topics covered within the podcast.
  • Impact of the Podcast
    1. Using complete sentences, discuss points you agree with and/or disagree with regarding information contained within the podcast.
    2. Are the issues and viewpoints presented by the speaker justified?  Please explain “yes” or “no”.
    3. What did you learn regarding compensation from the podcast?

Assignment Resource(s)

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