Finance ch12 p10 build a model problem

Posted: July 31st, 2022

Start with the partial model in the file Ch12 P10 Build a Model.xls on the textbook’s Web site, which contains the 2013 financial statements of Zieber Corporation. Forecast Zeiber’s 2014 income statement and balance sheets. Use the following assumptions: (1) Sales grow by 6%. (2) The ratios of expenses to sales, depreciation to fixed assets, cash to sales, accounts receivable to sales, and inventories to sales will be the same in 2014 as in 2013. (3) Zeiber will not issue any new stock or new long-term bonds. (4) The interest rate is 11% for long-term debt and the interest expense on long-term debt is based on the average balance during the year . (5) No interest is earned on cash. (6) Dividends grow at an 8% rate. (6) Calculate the additional funds needed (AFN). If new financing is required, assume it will be raised by drawing on a line of credit with an interest rate of 12%. Assume that any draw on the line of credit will be made on the last day of the year, so there will be no additional interest expense for the new line of credit. If surplus funds are available, pay a special dividend.       
a. What are the forecasted levels of notes payable and special dividends?       
a. What are the forecasted levels of the line of credit and special dividends?       
b. Now assume that the growth in sales is only 3%. What are the forecasted levels of line of credit and special dividends?       

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