gender roles and culture | Social Science homework help

Posted: July 31st, 2022

Class Discussion


When traveling to other countries for business, it is important to know the male/female roles in each country. Not knowing these roles could cause problems in discussions and negotiations. If you were traveling to Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Brazil, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Russia, or Rwanda, what would you need to know about the traditional male/female roles? Search the Internet for one or more of the above countries to find out about male/female roles. Share your findings with the class. 



Welcome to Week 3….class we will be exploring gender and identity issues this week and I hope to look at this topic from a number of perspectives. That said, I’ll be adding a number of layers to the discussion. 

Reading the above the scenario may be useful information for you to have when working with patients or clients in your service delivery….so have fun it. 

We’ll only stay on this for a day then move on…..lots to cover

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