Lso280: winter 2014 essay #2 (25%) due monday, april 6th. submit a

Posted: July 31st, 2022



LSO280: Winter 2014


Essay #2 (25%)


Due Monday, April 6th. Submit a hard copy in class and an electronic copy to SafeAssign on Blackboard.



Write a six-page essay (double-spaced, 12-point font), plus a Works Cited page, on one of the following topics.


1.    Research the history of the monarchy in Britain, focusing on the importance of tradition and continuity. How is this sense of tradition presented in The Queen?

2.    Research the importance of the Hitler Youth to propaganda and control in Nazi Germany. How is this presented in Swing Kids?

3.    Research the Cuban Missile Crisis. How did ideology almost lead to disaster? How is this presented in 13 Days?

4.    Research the CIAs involvement in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion. How is this presented in Charlie Wilson’s War?

5.    Research the history of apartheid in South Africa. Discuss how the ideology of “separateness” is presented in District 9.


This is a research essay: you must use at least five secondary sources. Use research from academic sources as much as possible. Do not use Wikipedia as a secondary source. Consult more authoritative sources.


Use MLA-style formatting for your citations and Works Cited. Your essay should have a clear thesis statement, logical organization, well-constructed sentences and paragraphs, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and quotations from research that support your points.

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