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Posted: July 31st, 2022

Method and research in communication.

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choose COMM 2301 41064 Methods and REsearch in communication

Click on “Assignments”

Click on “midterm Exam”


You wil have 75 minutes to complete the exam. The exam needs to be completed before 8:000 pm easter time. If you wnt be able to complete ir before 8 pm you are not suited to the task. I  REPEAT IF YOU CANT MAKE IT BY 8:00 pm eastern time dont take the job.  While doing the exam open a word document and put all the answers in an organized manner. with this i mean the folowwing:


1. Answer



4. Answer

5. Ansewer


when done with the exam and word document answer sheet email me the answer sheet to [email protected] or submit it here.


The exam will cover material on Social science, Descriptive statistics, Sampling, Correlation, Survey research, IV and DV, 8 independent sample test, chi square, experiments, statistics, content analysis


i willgive you my password and account when we handshake


ALso i expect a B+ or more. f you are not an expert in the fiedl dont take the task because i demand a high grade for the price i will pay.


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