Soc/315 soc 315 week 4 eeoc paper

Posted: July 31st, 2022

·        EEOC Paper


·        Resource: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) website


·        Explore the EEOC website ( to learn more about the organization.


·        Click the About the EEOC link and select Newsroom. Select a press release about an employee lawsuit published within the last 6 months.


·        Search the Internet to find at least one news item about this lawsuit, preferably from a news source in the state in which the incident occurred.


·        Write a 1,050- to 1,200- word paper that includes the following:


o   A description of the compliance issue that led to the lawsuit and its ramifications for the organization.


o   A brief summary of the functions of the EEOC in one paragraph.


o   The EEOC’s role in this lawsuit.


o   Whether or not this lawsuit promotes social change; justify your reasoning


o   A comparison of the EEOC press release to the news item. What accounts for the differences?


o   Strategies you would implement, if you were a senior manager of this company, to ensure future compliance and inclusion in the multicultural workplace.


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