Aas322 – final | AAS322 | San Francisco State University

Posted: August 1st, 2022

Please type up your answers.

Make sure to clearly identify which question and part you are answering. Please do

all the parts as specified.

To strengthen your answers use specific examples and quotes from the readings to

support your points and identify your source using a

parenthetical citation (author last name, pg# ).

Do not just focus on analyzing an isolated quote or quotes. Your answers should

reflect a comprehensive understanding of the overall reading you are addressing.

Any quotes you use from the readings should be used as evidence to support your

analysis of the reading you are addressing. You should be as comprehensive and

thorough as possible on your answers.

When you are done, upload your final exam to TurnItIn on iLearn.

1) Relationships: Many of the readings in the 2nd half of the semester deal with

relationships and the conflicts our Chinese/American characters face in

negotiating those relationships. For each of the following readings, please

analyze and discuss the various conflicts and negotiations characters in each

of these readings must negotiate because of their identities.

      a. Henry David Hwang, M Butterfly

      b. Willy Wilkinson, Born on the Edge of Race and Gender

      c. Ha Jin, Waiting

      d. Pick 2 of the authors from Week 10 of the syllabus to explore and discuss this issue.

Your answers for each one should be as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

Please use the Rubric provided to guide you in your writing.

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