Asian american religiosities: folklore as a sacred heritage:

Posted: August 1st, 2022

what is the thesis/main argument of Janet Hoskins chapter “Folklore as a Sacred Heritage: Vietnamese Indigenous Religions in California?” This is a write-up that is a page in length, and it must clearly articulate the thesis of the chapter in question, as well as discussion of how the author supports they/his/her argument. Please write half a page, single space, that summarizes the chapter in question. Do make sure you state the thesis/argument and then show how the author proved they/his/her argument. Make sure citations and quotations are purposeful and meaningful. You need to be able to articulate what the author argued. This requires more than just descriptive facts and data. Look for the main argument. After you read anything, you should be able to deduce the thesis/argument of the material you just read. This is not an “opinion” assignment. You are required to articulate what the author’s thesis/argument is, and how they/she/he argued and substantiated it. Do not just summarize the chapter. 

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