Assignment 3 | Social Science homework help

Posted: August 1st, 2022

Assignment 3 – Observations on the Paragraphs

 List all the possible observations that are indicated in chapter 4. Then identify as many observations as you can in your passage: John 5:19-34.


Possible Observations:

· General to Specific and Specific to General – Find the general statements that are followed by specific examples or applications of the general. Also find specific statements that are summarized by a general one.

· Questions & Answers – Note if the text is built on question-and-answer format

· Dialogue – Note if the text includes dialogue. Identify who is speaking and to whom.

· Purpose/Result Statements – these are more specific type of “means,” often telling why. Purpose and result are similar and sometimes indistinguishable. In a purpose statement, you usually can insert the phrase “in order that.” In a result clause, you usually can insert the phrase “so that.”

· Means (By Which Something Is Accomplished) – Note if a sentence indicates that something was done by means of someone/something (answers “how?”). Usually you can insert the phrase “by means of” into the sentence.

· Conditional Clauses – A clause can present the condition by which some action or consequence will result. Often such statements use an “if…then” framework (although in English the “then” is often left out).

· The Actions/Roles of People – Identify actions or roles that the text ascribes to people or encourages people to do/be

·  the Actions/Roles of God – Identify the actions or roles that the text ascribes to God

· Emotional Terms – Does the passage use terms that have emotional energy, like kinship words (“father”, “son”) or words like “pleading”?

· Tone – What is the overall tone of the passage: happy, sad, encouraging, and so on?

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