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Posted: August 1st, 2022

Answer to the below question in 150 words(please provide it in next 1 hour)


Online learning has remained a contentious subject, with the perception towards the approach being divided between those who consider it transformational, and those who perceive it to be passive. Although qualifications by learners in the online learning module receive accreditation by their respective universities, the validity and credibility of the same are met with skepticism since the approach is relatively new. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many tertiary institutions worldwide have adopted online learning as the new normal, how can these institutions bolster confidence in the program? How can institutions change the perception held by many in the society towards online learning, taking into consideration a high value is attached to the attendance of physical classrooms and the bonding that takes place among students in classrooms? Lastly, given that online learning is abstract, how can the learners ensure their motivation does not take a hit, and they get value from the online learning module?

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