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Posted: August 1st, 2022

Standing Alone in Mecca (Campus Progress (2005) calls it “a captivating personal narrative that challenges head-on the misleading stereotypes that have led some Americans to view Muslims as a monolithic enemy.”

In your paper, address the following:

• What is your selected group and what makes this group an oppressed group?

• What made you select this film and group and what are you hoping to learn?

• What is the purpose of the film?

• Select a character from the film and discuss in detail the considerations required to to deliver culturally sensitive and competent care this person and this population. (This is the heart of your paper.)

• Reflect on your own cultural beliefs and values and discuss their influence on future clinical work with this population. What challenges and opportunities do you see? How has this film changed you, increased your knowledge and/or modified your beliefs or attitudes?



You may include material from the Weaver text (if applicable) and other professional references as you are required to use 3 scholarly sources. I strongly encourage you to explore and reference other academic sources in order to increase your knowledge and understanding of your selected population. I would especially recommend sources that touch on practice issues that would be helpful to human service professionals who work with clients from these populations. Ideally this project should illuminate some new knowledge that will increase your effectiveness and the level of service delivery provided to oppressed and marginalized groups.

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