Master public administration paper and excel spreadsheet

Posted: August 1st, 2022

 In this essay you are mainly focused at the local level.  Notice that you are reading pieces addressing property taxes, local finances, housing markets, and trying to figure out how they all fit together—which is what I want you to do in this assignment. You willnoticehow the housing market affects property taxes and, in turn, that affects school district budgets.  Property taxes are a major concern atthe local government level.  One of the pieces you will open shows you how much local governments depend on the property tax.As a result of working your way through these readings, what can say about the financial squeeze placed on local governments (which also meansplaced on school districts)?You will see how much local governments and school districts relyon the property tax.  How do you look at the housing market in the context of these readings?What you think the future (maybe the next few years) holds for local governments and school districts?GUIDELINES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT1)Your paper should be a minimum of five typed pages2)I do want you to develop a chart using EXCEL.  I have a piece titled INFORMATION ON HOUSING PRICE CHANGES.  Develop your chart by using the data for ST LOUIS, KANSAS CITY, and SPRINGFIELD in Missouri in that piece.  Begin the data with 2007 2 (that means the second quarter in 2007).  There is a piece titled USING EXCEL FOR YOURCHART, so information is in there on how to do your chart.3)There are several other pieces that are just filled with data, which can help you in writing your essay, MEDIAN PRICE SALES OF NEW HOMES SOLD, and, LOCAL PROPERTY TAXES AS A PERCENTAGE OF LOCAL TAX REVENUE.  So here is where you have just data that you can rely upon to writeyour essay, not just the readings I have given you. Attach is the information for the spreadsheet and also some information from articles that need to be include in the paper

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