Online module 1 | Social Science homework help

Posted: August 1st, 2022

this link is great to help with this assignment and others

Just put in MS Word and I will add it to the class.


Your module must include the following:

    1. A brief module overview: 
      • What will the students learn?


    1. Two to three learning objectives for the module 
      • These objectives should help your students to meet the overall course learning objectives that you created.


    1. A seven-to ten- slide PowerPoint presentation that teaches the Module 1 objectives


    1. Two to three additional learning resources that relate to the Module 1 objectives/content and can be used to support learning
      • This may include videos, websites, articles, etc.


    1. Two discussion forums
      • Create one discussion prompt where students introduce themselves.
      • Create one discussion prompt that you would have students respond to that is based on the module 1 content. Remember, you want discussion prompts to encourage critical thinking about the curriculum and the knowledge and skills they are to acquire.


    1. An assignment that you would have students complete 
      • Examples include: writing a paper, creating a presentation, etc. Be creative. Whatever the assignment is, it should reflect the content within the content presentation that you created for this module. For example, if you created a presentation meant to teach students about the phases of matter, then the assignment you develop for your students to complete should be geared towards students showing you that they’ve learned about the phases of matter. 


  1. A five-item quiz that assesses students’ knowledge of the Module 1  
    • The questions on the quiz can be multiple choice, short answer, true/false, fill in the blank, or any other format that you wish. Just make sure that they are clearly written and easy to comprehend. 

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