Renaissance writers/artists: laura cereta, christine de pisan,

Posted: August 1st, 2022

Choose one of the following Renaissance writers/artists: Laura Cereta, Christine de Pisan, Artemesia Gentileschi, or Francesco Petrarch. In a 700-900 word essay, discuss the individual’s life, career, and works. Because this is the Humanities, discuss the historical context of the person’s contributions. Were there any obstacles this person faced? Was he/she controversial? How did this person’s ideas contribute to the overall human experience? Be sure that your paper is not just a summary of the person’s life– I want you to focus substantially on critically examining the person’s impacts on their society/era, as well as the modern-day comparison (don’t just put in 2 sentences at the end about how you think Laura Cereta is like Oprah because both are influential women…). Also, in order to keep the essays original and thoughtful, please DO NOT write about any of the following people: Oprah, Hillary Clinton, or JK Rowling.

You must use 2 sources (internet sources are ok). Cite your sources at the end of your essay. All work, unless noted as a quotation, must be in your own words.


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