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Posted: August 1st, 2022

Part 1 (ONE):

Please respond to the following:

  • • Go to the SEC Website to read the article “Hedging Your Bets: A Heads Up on Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds,” located at Support your position with examples or evidence.
  • • What might be some advantages for a consumer to borrow from a finance company versus a commercial bank or thrift?

*** References/Citations Needed *** 

*** 100 – 200 Words Response *** 

Part 2 (TWO):

Respond to classmates discussion post:

“Like mutual funds, hedge funds pool investors’ money and invest those funds in financial instruments in an effort to make a positive return. But we should remember that many registered funds of hedge funds have much lower investment minimums (e.g., $25,000) than individual hedge funds. Thus, some investors that would be unable to invest in a hedge fund directly may be able to purchase shares of registered funds of hedge funds. 

The SEC can take action against a hedge fund that defrauds investors, and we have brought a number of fraud cases involving hedge funds. Commonly in these cases, hedge fund advisers misrepresented their experience and the fund’s track record. Other cases were classic “Ponzi schemes,” where early investors were paid off to make the scheme look legitimate. In some of the cases we have brought, the hedge funds sent phony account statements to investors to camouflage the fact that their money had been stolen. That’s why it is extremely important to thoroughly check out every aspect of any hedge fund you might consider as an investment. 

As noted, hedge funds very often use speculative investment and trading strategies. Many hedge funds are honestly managed, and balance a high risk of capital loss with a high potential for capital growth. The risks hedge funds incur, however, can wipe out your entire investment. If you can’t afford to lose your entire investment, then perhaps hedge funds and funds of hedge funds are not for you.

Finance companies have advantages in the following ways: 

  • Finance companies are not subject to regulations that restrict the types of products and services they can offer.
  • Because they do not accept deposits, they do not have severe regulatory monitoring. 
  • They are likely to have more product expertise because they generally are subsidiaries of industrial companies. 
  • Finance companies are more willing to take on riskier customers. 
  • Finance companies typically have lower overhead than commercial banks.


*** No Reference/Citations Needed *** 

*** Under 100 Words response *** 

********* Does not need to be double spaced and cover sheet ***********

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