Team assignment in which i need two small sections, 100 words for a

Posted: August 1st, 2022

Consider the key elements and functions of human service organizations. The key functions as listed in your text include:


·         Planning

·         Designing the program and organizations

·         Developing human resources

·         Supervising

·         Managing finances    My portion of the power point… it should be two slides with a max of 5 bullets and no more than five words per bullet… there should be speaker notes for each slide and references

·         Monitoring and evaluating


Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with a minimum of 15 slides in which you describe your hypothetical human service agency, Our fictitious organization will be Victims of Abuse Resource and Counseling Center.

Offering connections to services such as emergency shelters, finding other resources in the community, children services, and legal help among other services and programs designed to help those who are a victim of abuse (sexual, child, domestic).  

Employs counselors and caseworkers.   detailing its key functions in the note section. Include information that displays adequate knowledge of the key factors for each function related to your chosen organization and its programs and services. Involvement by all Learning Team members must be evident.

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