Week 2 discussion | Instructional Design

Posted: August 1st, 2022

Before beginning work on this discussion forum, please review the link Doing Discussion Questions Right, the expanded grading rubric for the forum, and any specific instructions for this topic.

Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives was originally published in 1956. It was not until 2001 that a revised taxonomy, including teaching, learning, and assessment, was proposed. The taxonomy is left largely untouched except for a final category at the apex of the pyramid: create. The ability for a learner to create, generate, or produce a tangible product is gaining traction as a necessity in the new world of learning.

From the bullet point list below, select one topic for which you will lead the discussion in the forum this week. Early in the week, reserve your selected topic by posting your response (reservation post) to the Discussion Area, identifying your topic in the subject line. Be specific about your topic so that someone else could select the same bullet point but focus their post differently. By the due date assigned research your topic and start a scholarly conversation as you respond with your initial or primary post to your own reservation post in the Discussion Area. Make sure your response does not duplicate your colleagues’ responses.


  • How might the addition of a “create” level in the cognitive process impact instructional design endeavors and student learning?

Additionally, provide a brief paragraph describing an instructor that you consider a role model. Using Bloom’s taxonomy, assess how that instructor impacted your learning.

As the beginning of a scholarly conversation, your initial post should be:

  • Succinct—no more than 500 words.
  • Provocative—use concepts and combinations of concepts from the readings to propose relationships, causes, and/or consequences that inspire others to engage (inquire, learn). In other words, take a scholarly stand.
  • Supported—scholarly conversations are more than opinions. Ideas, statements, and conclusions are supported by clear research and citations from course materials as well as other credible, peer-reviewed resources.

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