Film reflection | English homework help

Posted: August 2nd, 2022

First, you need to watch the video “Top 10 Greatest Best Picture Oscar-Winning Movies” and read chapter 11.

Then, I want you to pick ONE movie from the list, and ONE film theory from chapter 11, and show us how the theory is presented in the film you chose.

You NEED to quote the textbook in your paper. 

Your paper needs to be written in APA and include a title page, abstract page, proper heading, and a reference page.

Lastly, be sure to add some kind of critical analysis in this paper. Simply stating what theory was used is not enough, I need you to ask WHY. Why was it used? Why was it used in the way it was? What did it add to the film? Remember that the idea here is to examine these films beyond a surface level. Also, I want everyone to change the font color of the title of their paper to red. Meaning, on your title page, whatever you name your paper, I want you to change that font color to red. I have had a few students reach out and tell me they didn’t receive information that I know I clearly sent in our weekly messages. So I’d like to see how many people are actually reading

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