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Posted: August 2nd, 2022

Jones Case:

 You have been friends with Jim and Lisa Jones since childhood.  They were teenage sweethearts who both come from large families in the town where you all grew up. Both of them have worked full time since their marriage except for a three-month maternity leave after their son Jason was born. They both had demanding jobs, but Lisa asked to take on less responsibility when her work took too much time away from their son. They want the best for their son and have found excellent childcare, which costs about $1050 per month. They want to have one or two more children, but they don’t know when that will be because having a large family like they came from seems unrealistic at this point.

Jim has hit a plateau at work.  He has a stable but unexciting position making about $60,000 a year.  He works about 45 hours per week and has about a 45-minute commute each-way.  He adores Jason and wishes he had more time to spend with him. 

Lisa has been a rising star at her work since returning from maternity leave two years ago.  She works about 60 hours per week and earns $105,000 per year.  She has been offered an executive position in Atlanta with a $175,000 per year salary, plus bonuses and stock options.

Jim and Lisa are struggling over what to do about her job offer.  They live in a $400,000 three-bedroom house with a $2,800 per month mortgage.  They also feel that things are not quite right. Although they are making a reasonable amount of money, they feel something is missing in their life. 

Your Assignment: 

for the Jones Family (1 page each scenario)

Briefly (about one page each) describe three very different scenarios that the Jones family might choose to follow during the next year. In your writing, include the consequences of those three choices/scenarios for the long term (over the next 25 years).  These three scenarios should be as different from one another as you can make them.  Be as creative as you can and the scenarios do not necessarily have to be closely tied to the background information.  For each scenario include basic demographic information like the eventual size of their family, marital status, employment history, religious activity, geographic location, major family achievements, crises, health history, etc.  In each story, include the following information:

  • Describe the changes, if any, that the Johnson family made in lifestyle and employment.
  • Describe the long-term (after 25 years) consequences of these choices.
  • Provide any relevant demographic information, such as the eventual size of the Johnson family, their marital status, employment history, church activity, geographic location, major family achievements, crises, health history, and so forth.     

(At least 1 page)

On at least one additional page, reflect on your reaction to this assignment and what you have learned from it.  Answer the following questions:

  • Which of the pathways that you described most closely represents your intentions for your own life path? Why?
  • How should one seek to balance work and family?
  • Do you believe that balance is an appropriate term to use in discussions about work and family? Why? If balance is not the most suitable word in this context, what word might be more fitting? Why?

Grading Criteria:

Your grade will depend on your ability to effectively and clearly tell three possible stories for the Johnson family and provide a thoughtful reflection about the assignment.

  1. Each story (including a description of long-term outcomes) is worth 7 points.
  2. Your personal reflection (use questions listed above) is worth 5 points.
  3. College-level writing will enhance your paper’s readability. Errors in spelling and grammar, the use of colloquialisms or slang, and poor organization . Please revise your paper carefully. Appearance of effort is worth 4 points.
  4. Remember, use Times New Roman or another serif font (size 11 or 12) and double-space your paper. Tip: Use headings to enhance your paper’s organization and clarity.

If you decide to quote or use ideas from the textbook please cite the information in-text by typing (Johnson, Miller, & Olsen, 2013), if you are using a direct quote please add the page number (Johnson, Miller, & Olsen, 2013 pg) If you are using information directly from the PowerPoint slides you can type (Darcy Keady, Class Notes). This will help avoid issues regarding plagiarism.*

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